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Current Class Offerings
Mindful Curves: Hatha for Larger Bodies

Tuesdays 6:30 p.m.

with Emily Brown


Combining a deep understanding of human anatomy with a passion for the calming practices of yoga, this class will help you feel into your body and build strength required to hold each of these classic Hatha poses for 5-6 breath cycles. While this class is appropriate for all levels we will be focusing on more standing postures with some brief floor work. Props will be used. Expect laughter and a very interactive class.

Yin Yoga

Saturdays 5 p.m.

with Emily Brown


This slow-paced, stretch-focused class relies on the three tattvas of yin yoga practice. A tattva is the reality of a thing, or its category or principal nature. Sarah Powers offers us three very simple and very effective principles for the yin practice: 
1. Come into the pose to an appropriate depth. 2. Resolve to remain still. 3. Hold the pose for time. You can expect to do just that.


PLEASE NOTE: Online registration closes 2 hours before the class. Less than 2 hours before a class, please call 202-321-9715 to check for availability. 

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