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We Call It the "Hanaa Special"...

“Stop it! He’s touching me!”

“Dinner? Hungry.”

“Tubbies? Gaba Gaba? Kratts?”

“Can you tell me what the steps are to death?”

After a day of primarily being hunched over my laptop, these are the sorts of questions and complaints that follow me around on a typical weeknight with a five- and almost-two-year-old. Yeah, there are also moments of glee and spontaneity mixed in, but Mondays through Fridays feel like they don’t stop, and you’re just trying to get through them. By the time the kids are down, you look around at dishes in the sink, laundry that needs to be dealt with, work that wasn’t finished earlier in the day . . .

It doesn’t stop. It’s draining.

In an effort to combat the weeknight stress bombs, a little over a year ago, I scheduled my first post- kid-bedtime massage at Freed. It was life changing!

So often, we schedule massages on the weekends or vacations, or maybe every once and a while in the middle of a slower day, but I’m telling you: the weeknight, late evening massage is a delight the likes of which are hard to replicate.

Picture it: it’s a Thursday night. You’ve been trying to get through the week, and the weekend’s around the corner. Your shoulders are so knotted up that they’re practically up to your ears, and there’s that spot in the middle of your back that no tennis ball seems to be able to release. Everyone’s fed, read, and in bed. You change into something cozy, wash the day off your face, and make your way over to Freed for an 8:30 PM appointment where one of their lovely, talented, and caring bodyworkers welcomes you. For the next hour or hour and a half (splurge if you can for that extra 30!), that bodyworker takes care of YOU! Works out all those kinks and knots and makes you feel like butter. Once the session is done, you get back in those cozy clothes, head home, and straight to bed for the best night of sleep in lord knows how long.

I’m telling you, this can’t be beat. You deserve to be taken care of rather than you always taken care of everyone else. You deserve to treat yourself. You deserve to relax!

Don’t put it off! I promise, it’ll change your life as it did mine.

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