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I Survived Polarity Therapy

I’m totally down with the idea that our bodies are like batteries. When I haven’t eaten or when I’m tired, I get super cranky and unproductive. When I’ve been working too hard or doing too much, I start sputtering out like an old engine. Like anyone, I regularly need to rest and recharge.

Apparently there is a whole other dimension to the battery-body metaphor that I’ve been missing: our electromagnetic fields. Meghan (Meg) Halderman, Freed Bodyworks’ board-certified Polarity Therapist, tells me that our bodies have positive and negative energy poles that require balance to perform optimally. Polarity therapy resets the negative and positive poles and helps us reach equilibrium.

I figured if I already considered my body to be like a battery, polarity therapy couldn’t be too much of a stretch, so I signed up for a session with Meg.

Now, if you are like me and want to know what you’re getting into before you do something weird, such as, oh, I don’t know, someone messing with your electromagnetic fields, I’ll tell you exactly what happened. Each session is customized based on your needs at the time, but they all begin the same way, with Meg asking you what you’d like to get out of the session. I told her I was seeking to deepen my connection with my intuition and sense of self-trust (aren’t we all?), and she said she could help (praise be).

Meg asked me to lie down on the massage table, fully clothed, as she turned on some soothing, ethereal music. She took her time placing her hands gently on different parts of my body, such as lightly placing a forefinger of each hand in my ears (this was as strange as it sounds, but afterwards it felt like a switch turned on in the bottom part of my brain), touching one hand to my lower right jaw and the other to my bottom right rib, one hand on my right hip and the other on my right knee, one hand to my right knee and the second toe on my right foot, followed by a period of vigorously rocking my leg back and forth. Then the same process all over again on the left side. Finally, she asked me to turn to my side, where she placed one hand on the back of my head and the other at the base of my spine. Then she helped me sit up, as admittedly I was a little woozy.

As Freed’s resident guinea pig, I have some familiarity with energy work, although polarity therapy was admittedly a little different. The energy work I’ve experienced so far has all involved me lying down and letting the energy worker go to town while I, all warm and jelly-like and attended to, try to not turn my session into nap time. With Meg, I also got to lie down, but it sometimes felt a bit challenging – not painful, but more like my body was working, too, in coordination with Meg. Polarity therapy seemed to be restorative like other energy practices, but it also called on me to put in some effort.

At the end of the session, Meg told me that my “fire energy” was low, but it had started waking up as the session progressed. She showed me an exercise I could use everyday to ignite more fire energy, which would help me cultivate assertiveness and connect with my intentions. It involves standing and pointing my hands together in the air, then whooshing forward like I’m chopping wood, and saying “ha!” from my diaphragm. I call it the “Paula Bunyan.” Meg suggested that I do this eight times every morning. Confession: I have not done this every morning. However, when I do it, I feel a huge surge of assertive energy, alertness, and direction.

Polarity therapy was a surprising and enlightening experience, and it made me reflect on the role we each have to play in our own healing. I left the session feeling rather like a battery: charged, humming, and open to what was to come.

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