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What's Popping Up? Freed's Majik Emporium!

Why, haven’t you been to a Majik Emporium before? Probably because this new experience is being alchemized for the first time into what may feel like a Looking Glass twist on the holidays.

The name contains two inspirations: Majik and Emporium.

“Majik” represents the effect of the products, medicine, and artwork that we are offering. They are not designed just to make you or the recipient feel good; they themselves contain healing properties.

The potency of their healing properties is directly connected to the people who make the things, the energy we infuse into them as we make them, and the integrity through which raw materials are sourced. It is not easy to find healing products from trusted sources, and in this spirit, we wanted to share some of the wonderful things that Freed’s practitioners make too. Our goal is that whatever you take home feels in alignment with your values--holistic, ethical, and made with care.

The other inspiration is “Emporium.” We will offer a wide range of items based on the many talents of Freed’s bodyworker and energy practitioner team.

You may not know that Laura Wurst, LMT and energy worker, is also an oil specialist. She recently launched a handcrafted oil line called MintFox Creations, which offers a very popular Sanctuary Clearing Spray, containing sage, palo santo, and juniper. MintFox will debut its custom-made “bath bombs” at the Emporium as well.

It may be news to you that Renata Maniaci, MPH/HTCP and Freed’s “Wellness Witch” creates “high vibration” artwork? You may not be aware either that Rita Elsner, LMT, is also known as a professional artist ranging in mediums from drawing to painting with her work displayed at galleries across the area?

The Emporium will also feature winter supportive tinctures and other herbal remedies from Freed’s own clinical herbalist, Karen L. Culpepper, and unique handmade incense from Shaman-in-Residence, Richael Faithful. And if you are late to the Freed-wear train, we will have winter swag for you too.

The Majik Emporium is our version of an alternate shopping reality this season. We envision an event where the experience is as energizing as the tangibles you take home. Our hope is that you will feel a sense of community, a sense of curiosity, and a sense of wonder, which is often missing from marketplaces these days.

Join us for a spell, and bring someone you care about!

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