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5 Year Anniversary Story

It all started with a confession from a transgender client with chronic pain: “If it weren't for you, I’d never, EVER get a massage.” After hearing variations of this statement time and time again from gender non-conforming folks, I founded Freed Bodyworks to be an inclusive & body-affirming place where non-normative folks of all types could get healing bodywork without judgement.

Our Birthday Gift? Two Discount Day With 20% Off All Bookings*

That was 5 years ago today! And we have taken Freed way beyond bodywork! Holistic practitioners have invested their skills of energy work, shamanism, herbal medicine, martial arts, yoga, psychotherapy, and more. And after five increasingly-larger locations, we’re still learning a lot from what our clients say.

“From the earliest location to now, I love knowing there is Freed Bodyworks to go to. I walk in already feeling seen and cared for, just as I am.” - Freed client since 2012

Freed Bodyworks wants to give *you* a birthday present.

3,500 clients has certainly taught us that no two people have the same needs. No two sessions are alike and none of our intakes are generic. We are committed to client-centeredness in all of our treatments and ultimately it all comes down to listening, listening, and more listening.

“[My Freed therapist] listened to all my issues and concerns about my body. She put me at ease, and as my body acted up on the table, she adjusted, which allowed my body to calm down. That means a lot to me.” - Freed Client

Founded as a solo practice in 2011, Freed Bodyworks became a group practice in 2013 when Jessica VonDyke and I dreamed up “Freed Bodyworks 2.0” and Aries Indenbaum, Elizabeth Goldberg, Aviva Pittle, & Asha Gray, were the first to sign on. Our core team defined what it means for us to work as a mutually supportive, non-competitive community of healers.

“We work together, across disciplines, for the best for the client. We don’t have tension on our team about who clients ‘belong’ to. I’ve worked elsewhere and, let me tell you, this is a rare and beautiful thing.” -Freed Bodyworks practitioner

We truly couldn’t have done this with the amazing support from YOU! We are grateful every day of the year but today we’d like to say thank you with 20% off all appointments booked between now and midnight on August 3rd using promo code 5YEARSFREED

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