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Dearest Freed Bodyworks community,

I'm writing to tell you that the time has come for me to leave the stellar team at Freed. When I started as a front desk volunteer last May, I had no idea that a few months later I'd be Freed's first ever employee, hired to support the operations side of a rapidly expanding small business. I told myself I would stay as long as it felt right, and as Freed approaches its one year anniversary in our new space, I trust that now is when I must gracefully exit.

Can you help us find an amazing person to steward this powerful space? Check out our job post and pass it along to anyone you think might be interested.

Because this is my farewell post, I want to acknowledge how transformative these past few months at Freed Bodyworks have been for me. I came here knowing I wanted to work at the intersection of social justice and self-care, but not much beyond that. Mostly I felt lost.

I'd ended two careers in seven years, and I felt as though I needed to start over again...because I did need to start over again. I needed to remember that I was competent and capable. That I could enjoy writing again. That a slower pace with a more personal impact was possible. That I didn't have to wear fancy pants or blazers or even shoes to matter - I didn't need to be anything other than my socked self. Freed gave me back to me, and I so rarely get to thank owners Frances and Jessica for taking the chance and letting me in.

As much as I have nurtured Freed, it has nurtured me, and for that I am so incredibly grateful. Somehow I found Freed Bodyworks when I needed it most, and I now bequeath it to the next curious soul who needs it, too.

I will forever be thankful for the time, heart, gifts, and profound service of the Freed Bodyworks team. May Freed continue to make it possible for people to deepen their self-knowing, no matter how they get through the door.

With gratitude,


***Interested in applying or know someone who might be? Check out our job post and application instructions here!***

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