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Freed Bodyworks featured in Travel + Leisure!

Freed Bodyworks is proud to be featured in Travel + Leisure's "Nine Ways to Reboot Your Mind and Body in Washington, DC." Here's what journalist Amy McKeever has to say:

9. Build a Roadmap for 2016

But perhaps the best way to reboot this year is to learn the principles of “radical inclusion.” Among the massage therapists, holistic healers, and movement instructors at Freed Bodyworks, there’s no judgment about your body, age, race, gender identity, ability, or anything else. This Capitol Hill holistic wellness center offers all kinds of therapies like bodywork, energy work, integrative health coaching, hatha yoga for people with curves, and yoga for the queer and non-gender-conforming. This is a place where your wellness never involves feeling bad about yourself.

For the New Year, Freed Bodyworks is also hosting a New Year’s edition of its Unicorn HoofCamp series with personal coach Strother Gaines. On January 5, Gaines will help workshop participants identify their goals for 2016 and set a roadmap for how to achieve them. The workshop begins at 7 p.m., and costs $20 in advance or $30 at the door.

For a more long-term approach to wellness, the center’s integrative health coach Ingrid Benecke is offering a customizable three-to-six-month Nourish to Flourish package that includes goal setting, private yoga sessions, and mindfulness instruction to build your own meditation practice. There’s special discount pricing if you book before January 31; reach out to Freed Bodyworks for more information.

***Ready for more? Sign up for Unicorn HoofCamp Roadmap 2016 or book a consultation with Ingrid!***

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