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4 Awesome Things About Hot Stone Massage

Hey Freedsters!

Freed Bodyworks is now offering 90-min Hot Stone Treatments! I want to clarify my specific take on Hot Stones, as this treatment is offered in a variety of ways by different practitioners in the bodywork world. -Beandrea

Beat The Winter Blues

Many of us are living in places where it has been FREAKING COLD this Winter. You'll leave a Hot Stones Massage warmed to the core. The therapeutic application of heat also helps boost the body's immune system.

Melt Tension Away

The stones are heated to around 125 degrees, so they can literally melt away persistent knots when used in conjunction with deep tissue techniques. I do not lay hot stones on you and then walk away. Rather, I work with the stones as an extension of my hands like I would during any massage session.

Mellow That 'Monkey Mind'

I use basalt rock - derived from volcanic lava - because they are very good thermal insulators. Because of the efficient heat transfer, deep relaxation and the quieting of thoughts happens much more quickly and effortlessly. As a result, clients often report feeling more grounded and energized.

Get Better Sleep

The therapeutic effects of the heat have been shown to help reduce insomnia. Clients also report decreases in the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Now offering 90-min Hot Stones Massage on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Book here

Copyright 2015. Beandrea July. Ask permission before reprinting.

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