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What You May Have Missed at “Ask A Shaman?”

I’m Richael Faithful, one of Freed’s new practitioners, added in their badass expansion into a body-positive holistic wellness center this month.

I’m a Shamanic and Energy Medicine Healer.

Sha-what? Energy? Medicine. OK, that’s a word that makes sense, sort of, but in this context? Hmm…

A lot of folks think that they don’t know much about shamanism or energy work or old-time medicine. I help remind us of what we have known about deep healing and support folks in their journey toward wholeness.

The down and dirty description: shamanic medicine is the way that we heal using spiritual and natural connections. They’re the “old ways” – spiritual guidance, ritual, plants, and herbs - that we use to welcome transitions, manage grief, and recover from injuries. Every culture has a shamanic tradition from which we learned to heal layers of ourselves—the physical, emotional, and existential. Energy medicine is the part of shamanism that uses spiritual forces to create balance in one’s (luminous) body. It’s stuff that’s worked for a lot of people for a long time.

The best introduction to shamanism is to experience it. Plug: first shamanic sessions at Freed are 20% off.

But some folks have more questions before they take the leap so, we had our first “Ask A Shaman” Question & Answer this week. Here are some answers to the anonymous questions that were asked:

Do you see spirits? Talk to them?

We all have relationships with “presence.” Some of us have loved ones who’ve died that we still feel or talk to. Others have a soulful connection with a place, maybe in nature, that feels as if we’re speaking to it. I happen to hear and feel presence and use the combination of these senses to relate things. What can I say? I practice.

Does your work include divination?

Yep. Divination is how we invite and receive messages from our ancestors and other spirit-friends. I can divine through deep meditation (called “journey”) and sometimes use the help of a stone or bones. I also “divine” when I get into the energy work groove!

Is there something people ask for that is outside your scope?

Sure. I’m a precocious but I’m no elder—there’s a lot to learn. But my metaphorical mojo-bag is full of powerful tools so I’m fortunate not to have come across much that’s overwhelming yet. I also have back-up of other shamanic friends so if necessary, we can Ghostbust, literally…

What are the things people come to you for a lot?

Most people want to explore “energy work” or contact me when they’ve tried everyone else! Shamanism though, is holistic—seeking clarity, exhaustion, grief, feeling "off"—there’s support for everything. In the past couple of years I’ve centered my practice around people who engage in social justice work.

Has this kind of work always called to you?

In a way. Shamanic practice, which I sometimes call folk healing, is the lock to my key, so to speak. I have always been an open and observant person though I wasn’t always a spiritual person. I’ve had some weird experiences along the way which make everyday majik not seem so strange 

Are you what some people call psychic?

Ah…I wouldn’t call myself a psychic. I’m a visionary and intuitive person which is helpful for shamanic practice. I share what I hear and feel but yeah, I wouldn’t identify as a psychic, whatever that means.

If you have more questions, you can find me at Who knows? We could make this post “a thing.” For more on my background, you can go to this page.

Hope to see you at the next “Ask A Shaman” Q&A!

#richaelfaithful #shaman #energywork #majik

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