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Freed Bodyworks' Second Live Authentically Fundraiser

One of the things we love to do most, here at Freed Bodyworks, is to help our clients live their lives more authentically. We believe that with an understanding and love of one's body, you can manage just about anything!

Some of our clients have to undergo expensive treatments and surgeries in order for their bodies to align outwardly with who they are on the inside before they can truly begin to love the skin that they are in. These can sometimes cost thousands of dollars, which just isn't an option for a lot of folks. So, we decided to help them out with that, thus our Live Authentically Fundraiser, you donate what you can and Freed Bodyworks will match your donation!

Last fall you all helped us raise nearly $200 towards the cost of Alex's top surgery. Today he is two months post surgery and living into his new body! Now we'd like to help Clare get some of the same freedom.

Clare is a trans woman, musician, bartending bookkeeper and former philosopher who needs your help covering the cost of hair removal and voice therapy. She's in her second year of transition and feeling better every day about living openly and authentically.

You can donate in the office by cash or check or electronically via paypal to If donating via paypal, simply include a note that it's "for Clare".

Thanks in advance for your care and generosity,

Jessica and the whole Freed Bodyworks team

#clare #communityservice #transgender #liveauthenticallyfundraiser

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