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Open Apology Letter: The Word "Crazy"

An Open Letter to Our Communities Dear friends, We recently printed postcards with the above image to promote Freed Bodyworks. Not long after we had them back from the printer, we realized that our choice of the word "crazy" was a mistake, and potentially quite a hurtful one. We'd like to apologize for that, especially to anyone who may have already seen it and been hurt. As people who care about access, inclusion, and ableism, and in some of our cases come from personal or family experiences of mental illness, we should have caught this. Every aspect of our business is about queer ideals of inclusion, access, equality, respect, and self-determination. Our goal at Freed Bodyworks is to make space for people who are consistently omitted from other wellness spaces. Despite the best intentions, we recognize that in this case we didn't live up to those ideals. Unfortunately, these postcards are out in the world now. We can't control where those we've already distributed end up, and we can't make sure these words reach everyone who may see them and be hurt. What we can do is promise you that we will change the wording on all future promotional materials, and that we will choose our words even more carefully in the future. Again, we're so sorry to anyone we've hurt or offended with this mistake. With love, The Freed Bodyworks Team

#apology #language #stigma #shame #mentalillness #values

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