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Athletic Injury? Desire to step up your performance? Struggling to maintain a healthy active body in

The newest member of the Freed Bodyworks Team is Elizabeth Goldberg. If you are working hard to drive your body to perform it's best, you will really appreciate the expertise that Elizabeth brings to the table. Her deep tissue work is excellent and her knowledge of the human body is astounding. She works with clients to truly understand how they are using their bodies and what stresses or injuries are present. For those who need ongoing therapeutic work to keep their bodies at peak performance, Elizabeth is committed to long-term vision and therapeutic plan.

A little information, direct from Elizabeth: "I first came to massage as a client with a repetitive stress injury. By working with incredible practitioners, I was able to not only relieve the pain in my back but also developed a new relationship with my body and mind. Those therapists inspire my daily work to provide others with open, inclusive space and therapeutic bodywork."

"I believe strongly in the power of touch. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, I worked with a cornucopia of DC arts and culture nonprofits (and some soccer ones, too). I have a BA from Smith College and graduated from the Potomac Massage Training Institute in 2013."

Elizabeth's specialties include: Athletic injury and performance, deep tissue massage, relieving pain from headaches and migraines, benefits of massage for neurological diseases.

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