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Our Story

When Freed Bodyworks founder, Frances Reed, entered massage school, they encountered a wonderful community, but their peers had very little awareness of Frances’ non-conforming gender identity. Frances decided then to open a practice where all non-conforming people would not have to explain, defend, or educate health practitioners about their body, lifestyle, or ability.


In 2011, Frances formed Freed Bodyworks as a solo practice, and it was quickly apparent that they had tapped into an unmet need for inclusive wellness services in the DC metro area. As business boomed, Frances, along with life partner and business partner Jessica VonDyke, expanded Freed Bodyworks to include additional massage therapists and new treatments in 2013.


In 2015, Freed Bodyworks moved to a new location in order to integrate whole-body wellness education, movement classes, and expand into other holistic healing services. We currently have five treatment rooms which house bodywork, energy work, counseling, psychotherapy, health coaching, herbalism, Ayurvedic treatments, aromatherapy and more! The Feinberg Room offers space for workshops, events, and movement classes, including Yoga and Tai Chi. Our accomplished team of Holistic practitioners and Yoga instructors offer a wide range of services that celebrate everyBODY.

At Freed Bodyworks, we are proving that inclusion is good business. Demand for our services continues to grow, and we have found that our values of radical inclusion and openness resonate with everyone, no matter their size, age, identity, or ability. In addition to our vision of local wellness impact, Freed Bodyworks is on an entrepreneurial mission to prove that serving marginalized communities is good for the bottom line.


Think big with us: Freed Bodyworks' success can provide a model for a new mentality in healthcare.

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