After ten and a half years, Freed Bodyworks is closing on January 16th 2022. For more information please click here
Thank you so much for putting your trust and your bodies in our hands. It has  truly been a great honor to serve this community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


What is the nearest public transportation? 


Freed Bodyworks is one block from the Potomac Ave metro station (servicing the Orange, Blue, and Silver lines) and the 30N, 30S, 32, 34, and 36 bus lines.


Is there parking?


Street parking is available in front of the building (two hour metered parking) and around the nearby neighborhood streets.


Is your space wheelchair-accessible?


Freed Bodyworks is located in a Capitol Hill row house with seven steps at the front entrance. If you cannot access the building via stairs, there is a rear entrance with a ramp leading directly into building. If you need to use the ramp entrance, please contact us to make arrangements as there is a gate on the rear of the property.


When should I arrive?


You are welcome to arrive right at your appointment time, but we encourage you to arrive a few minutes before your session so you do not feel rushed. Arriving early also ensures that you experience the complete session.


Can I wear my shoes?


When you enter the lobby, we ask that you remove your shoes before going upstairs for your session in order to keep the space clean for everyone. Socks or bare feet are fine, and slippers are provided for your comfort. If you have mobility concerns that require you keeping your shoes on, that’s completely fine.


What is your cancellation policy?


We hold your appointment time exclusively for you. We ask for at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation, in which case the appointment fee will be waived. Cancellations less than 24 hours before the session will result in a charge for that service.


We prioritize the safety of our clients and therapists--if it's ever not safe for you to come in, whether it’s due to inclement weather, illness, or emergency, give us a call to discuss your options. We also ask for your understanding if our therapists are unable to come in due to inclement weather or illness, in which case you will not be charged.


What if I'm running late?


Please contact us if you are running late. We are happy to see you whenever you are able to make it in, and we will give you as much "table time" as we can.


Do I need to fill out any forms? 


If this is your first session with a massage therapist or energy worker, you will need to complete our bodywork intake form. You can fill it out beforehand and bring it in with you to your appointment. If you have seen one of our massage therapists before and are meeting with a different therapist, you do not need to complete a new intake form.


If this is your first session with a counselor or psychotherapist, you will need to complete our mental health intake form. You can fill it out beforehand and bring it in with you to your appointment.


Do you take insurance?


Some of our mental health providers do individually accept insurance. Otherwise, we do not accept any insurance, nor are we affiliated with any insurance provider. However, if your insurance company covers massage, we can provide a receipt, with the relevant information, to send to your insurance provider if you are seeking reimbursement. The massage therapy services we provide are often covered by flex spending and other medical savings plans, and our mental health providers can also make sure you have the information you need for out-of-network coverage claims.


Do you offer a sliding scale?


Freed Bodyworks is committed to running an ethical business based on our shared principles of inclusion, access, empowerment and responsibility. We seek to challenge the notion that holistic health and healing work are a luxury item, or that they are reserved only for those with financial privilege. Each practitioner at Freed Bodyworks determines their own sliding scale rates and procedure. Please contact practitioners directly ( to inquire about their individual practice. We are happy to work with you to help you get the care you need in a price range that you can afford. For help finding the right practitioner for your needs email


Is there a Lost & Found?


Freed Bodyworks is not responsible for lost or forgotten items, but we will hold onto any items we find for a limited time and do our best to reunite them with their rightful owner. If you think you may have left something at Freed Bodyworks, please contact us.


How can I keep up with events and ongoings at Freed?

Great question! The best way to stay in the know is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first hear about new therapists, events, and specialties being offered in the practice. 


Bodywork: What to Expect

What is therapeutic massage, exactly?


Therapeutic massage provides stress relief, relaxation, and pain management. Each massage session is designed specifically to meet your needs and objectives at that time. Therapeutic massage is completely non-sexual and follows a professional code of ethics.


What do the different tiers mean? 

They indicate how long a practitioner has been in practice. Apprentice tier have less that one year of professional practice and are being mentored by a Freed Bodyworks massage therapist. Professional tier have been in practice for at least one year. Senior tier have been in practice for over five years. All therapists at all tier levels are professionally licensed. 

What should I expect during my first visit? Why is there an extra 30 minutes added to my appointment?


We want to get to know you! Freed Bodyworks is a relationship-driven place, and we place a high value on making sure we are best set up to address your needs. When we first meet you, we prioritize taking the time to fully understand what's going on with your body and how we can help.


Do I have to be completely undressed?


How much you do or don’t wear during a massage is totally up to you – feel free to undress to your comfort level. Most folks do take off their bra. Some people leave their underwear on, some take it off. If, for any reason, you are more comfortable leaving additional clothing on during your session, we can adapt the bodywork to meet those needs. Discuss this with your therapist before the session as the adaptations may effect how work on particular parts of the body is done. The most important thing is that you are true to what will make you the most comfortable during your session.


Will I be covered by a sheet or towel?


After your intake or appointment check-in, your therapist will leave the room for you to undress to your comfort level and get on the table under a sheet and blanket. The therapist will appropriately drape (place) the sheet and secure it so that only the area being worked on is exposed. If you are concerned about these boundaries, please bring it up with your therapist. We are happy to show you where we plan to drape before your massage begins. 


What am I supposed to do during the massage?


Your only job is to help us do our job – which is giving you the space to relax and facilitate healing. The only thing you “need” to do during a massage is keep us posted on how you are feeling by giving us feedback about uncomfortable or painful sensations. This can be anything from telling us about pressure to saying you’d like more or less warmth on our awesome heated tables. Never hesitate to share information with your therapist, as we will not be hurt or offended  – quite the opposite, it is greatly appreciated. And, and if you fall asleep, we consider it a huge compliment.


How often should I receive massage?


This is entirely up to you! You and your therapist can discuss your goals, and if you are seeking massage for a specific form of relief, your therapist may have recommendations on frequency. But everyone is different: some people come once a week, every four to six weeks, once a quarter, or whenever they get that nagging “I should get a massage” feeling. 


Do people talk during sessions?


Our therapists will follow your lead if you’d like a quiet or chattier session. The important thing here is that you are able to go to a place that is most relaxing and productive for your body. Feel free to ask your therapist questions and provide feedback on how you are feeling – we love answering your questions!


Should I tip my therapist? Is that a thing?


Tips are not expected but are greatly appreciated. You can follow the same formula that you would at a salon for 10 – 20% of your service cost either added to your credit card or in cash at the end of your session.



Energy Work: What to Expect

What is "energy work?"


Energy work addresses the body's energy fields and seeks to unblock and clear energetic passages for greater balance and healing. 

What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.


What should I expect during my visit?


All visits include an intake session where the energy worker gets to know you and identifies how they can best be of service. For Healing Touch you will often lie down fully-clothed on a massage table for the duration of the session. For SRT, you will often be seated across from the energy worker.


Should I tip my energy worker?


Tips are not expected but appreciated. 


How do I book an energy work session?


 You can book all of our energy work sessions online.


Mental Health: What to Expect

Who should I see?


Deciding on a course of therapy is an important personal decision. If you aren't sure which therapist you should meet with, please reach out to our therapists directly and speak with them about what you are looking for so you can find the best match for you. You can find contact info for all of our mental health providers here.


Do you take insurance?


Julian, Rosemary and Emma accept non-HMO CareFirst plans. For all other insurances, all of our mental health providers are out-of-network providers. Your health insurance plan may include “out-of-network” benefits that partially reimburse fees for counseling and psychotherapy services. Please contact your insurance company to confirm the benefits that you may be eligible to receive. 

Here are important questions to ask your insurance provider:

  • Do I have mental health benefits?

  • What is the reimbursement rate for out-of-network providers?

  • Do I need pre-approval or a referral?

  • How many sessions per calendar year will my plan cover?

  • What is my deductible?


Our therapists are happy to provide whatever documentation you need so you may acquire reimbursement, but we do not coordinate directly with insurance companies.


Should I tip my therapist/psychotherapist/counselor?


No, tipping is not permitted within the mental health field as it is against ethical standards.