Booking Bodywork - COVID

We take the health and safety of our team and out community very seriously. As such, we have made the difficult decision to remain closed though July 1st. We will be evaluating the rate of infection as well as city mandates and CDC guidelines to determine the right time to reopen after July 1st. 


During this time, in order to reduce confusion, we will be closing our online booking option. We will reactivate that about a week before we open and will let everyone know via email. In order to ensure that you get the most up to date info about our reopening and to be alerted as soon as our booking system is available again, please sign up for our Reopening Email List below! 

**You can still book mental health appointments as usual and see your therapist via tele-health.** 

We are very eager to get back to work, back to healing and back to community. We look forward to seeing you all again, very soon! 

If you are looking for ways to support Freed Bodyworks and our practitioners, here are a few great options! 


Support the Freed Bodyworks Therapists and Staff
We’ve created a fund to provide a safety-net for Freed therapists who are now unable to work. It will support only therapist and staff needs and will not go to sustaining Freed Bodyworks as a whole. 



Support Freed Bodyworks Overall 

It is crucial that, when the dust clears, we have a business to come back to. Even with some government assistance, as a small business, we cannot hold on indefinitely.  These purchases will help us tremendously.




Contact Your Therapist

Some of our therapists are offering phone, video or email check-in's. If you want to inquire about a check in, they can each be reached at (their first name)  Rates and availability will vary. If you want to find out who is currently offering these services, you can also email   


Freed Bodyworks is not just a place we work, it is a place where we are able to be our full selves, offer our gifts to an amazing community of clients, and get paid to do what we love! Being a part of this business is giving each of us resilience in this difficult time and we are grateful to you for being a part of our network.


It fills us with pride that the culture of our business is exceptional in the wellness industry. Shared values of non-judgment, mutual support, and social justice bond us together as more than just business and customer. We feel it every day in the warmth of lobby interactions and the depth of personal investment between therapists and clients.  


We are experiencing a paradigm shift that will alter how our society functions. At Freed, we are holding out hope that we will arise from this a more compassionate, less divisive, and more cohesive culture.


In the meantime... 

Stay hydrated, get fresh air and sunshine, stay in contact with those you love, laugh from time to time and wash your hands a lot! 



Much love, 

Team Freed