Asha Gray, LPC


Thank you for coming to my page to find out a little more information about me. Researching your potential therapist is an excellent first step to determine whether you will have a good fit once you meet in person.


Hopefully the FAQ below will give you more information about me, but please feel free to send me an email at if you have further questions. 

Depending on your needs, I may have a wait-list for new clients. Currently I have a few openings for new self-pay individuals and couples. I intentionally hold spaces for those who identify as kinky, ethically non-monogamous, LGBTQIA, sex workers and gender non-conforming. Please contact me to inquire about making new client appointments. When contacting me, please send a few words about your current interests in therapy, whether you intend to use insurance to reimburse your sessions, and (if applicable) the type of insurance plan you have.



What is your therapy model or what might a session be like with you?


I use what is known as an integrative therapy model. This means I mix and match different therapeutic modalities I find useful depending on what the person in front of me needs, creating and individualized plan of treatment. I particularly find solution-focused and cognitive behavioral therapy useful because they are models that can assist people with changing their perspectives in a more efficient and long-term way. I believe in assisting people with perspective change in order to work through their barriers but also in teaching coping skills for when perspective change falters. I also provide active suggestions, opinions and homework assignments when necessary, rather than only assisting in passive reflection. For those in search of trauma therapy, I use harm reduction and empowerment model.



What does sex positive, kink affirming, body positive, etc., mean?


It means that when you come into a session with me, I will not judge you based on how you look, what you are into or who you are into. Seems basic right? But, as we all know, not every therapist is created equal, and some harbor internal biases against what they consider non-normative. You’ll have no issue with that here. I believe if you are engaging in a behavior that fulfills you and does not cause you or anyone else non-consensual harm, then you should continue to do so. However, if you are having difficulty or are feeling negatively about an activity you’re engaging in, I can assist you with working through your discomfort to determine what the best course of action is for you. 



Can you provide premarital counseling?

Yes, I can provide non-religious, sex positive, premarital counseling. I also provide relationship counseling for individuals and couples, and marriage counseling.


Who do you provide counseling to?


I provide counseling to adult individuals and couples. Adults are defined as individuals over the age of 18. I am currently working towards my AASECT certification as a sex therapist and am interested in providing assistance to individuals and couples seeking sexual and gender identity growth. I do not provide family therapy or therapy to children. In the case of relationship dynamics with more than two individuals seeking short term therapy, please email me before booking an appointment so the proper space can be arranged.


What are your credentials?


I am a licensed professional counselor in the District of Columbia, license# PRC14418.  My NPI# is 1336563527.



How do I set up an appointment?


You may set up an appointment at any time (click here to book a session with me). We ask that people cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours before their appointment time so they are not held responsible for the session fee.



How often are you available?


I am currently available Monday's from Noon to 5pm and Wednesday from noon  to 10 pm. 


Do you take insurance?


I am only in network with non-HMO Carefirst plans. If you are concerned about whether I am an in-network provider on your plan, please contact Carefirst and ask if the provider with this NPI number: 1336563527, is covered on your plan. Currently most insurers do not reimburse for couples/relationship sessions and many sex related issues. In many cases I can provide you with an invoice to receive a substantial reimbursement from them. For all other insurance plans, with an out of network policy, I am happy to provide you with an invoice for reimbursement. The fee for a session varies depending on your needs. Session fees must be paid at the time services are rendered preferably by cash or check in addition to charge.

New individual clients interested in using Carefirst/BCBS/FEP, PPO or POS insurance as the payer, please contact me to be placed on a waiting list. If you are unable to wait, please contact me for possible referrals.

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