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Apprentice at Freed 

The apprenticeship program at Freed Bodyworks is designed to give new licensed massage therapists (LMTs) an opportunity to continue their bodywork education and receive valuable mentorship and feedback during their first year of work in the field. Apprentice LMTs work alongside Freed’s professional bodywork staff and are compensated for their work.

In addition to seeing clients, apprentices are paired with an established therapist who will act as their mentor over the course of their year-long paid apprenticeship. At the end of the apprenticeship period, assuming the apprentice still seems like a good fit for the business, apprentices will have the opportunity to join Freed’s professional staff.

Working at Freed

Apprentices are fully licensed massage therapists and will be held to the same professional, ethical, and legal standards as our established staff members. Apprentices are fully integrated as part of our team and strongly encouraged to participate fully in meetings, outreach events, and staff social events.

Apprentices are required to:

  • Commit to a full year of apprenticeship at Freed Bodyworks

  • Work at least one high volume shift a week (evening/weekend)

  • Be on-site during scheduled peak hours to take walk-ins when
    not booked in advance

  • Participate in all monthly meetings with their mentor

  • Have their own liability insurance


Rate & Pay Structure:

  • Rates for apprentice massage services are $95 for 60 minute massage & $130 for 90 minute massage (rates for professional staff are $105/60 minutes & $145/90 minutes).

  • Apprentices are paid 45% of the revenue generated by their services.


Each apprentice will be paired with an established Freed therapist who will act as their mentor for the duration of their year-long apprenticeship. We will work to match apprentices and mentors that have similar styles and interests to ensure a strong and productive working relationship.


Mentors will:

  • Function as the apprentice’s “on-boarding buddy” and go-to
    for questions about policies, procedures, and business
    how-tos, as well as bodywork advice

  • Receive a complementary bodywork session from the
    apprentice every other week and provide feedback on
    technique and progress

  • Oversee the apprentice’s work on at least one case study
    with a regular client. The apprentice and mentor will meet
    monthly to discuss the case study progress in addition to
    other supervision.

    • If needed, this case study client will pay a reduced rate
      to ensure they can come in for monthly work. The
      apprentice will receive the same pay for the session
      regardless of client’s adjusted rate.

    • If possible, this case study client will receive work related to the apprentice’s area of continuing education.

  • Meet monthly with the apprentice to provide supervision on bodywork sessions including technique, contraindications, session design, client intake, client identity, and boundaries.

  • Be paid for their time. 

To Apply

Applicants must have completed their massage therapy programs and should be licensed LMTs in the District of Columbia. This program is geared towards new therapists who have less than one year of full-time bodywork experience.


Applications are only accepted online through the link below. Please provide a cover letter, resume, and references (educators or professionals in the bodywork field preferred), and your general availability when applying to the apprenticeship program.


Queer, trans, non-conforming, POC, disabled, Deaf, and ASL-fluent folks are especially encouraged to apply.

We accept apprentice applications on a rolling basis and accept candidates as we have mentors available. 

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